This Video Of Baboons Reacting To Their Own Reflection Is Hilarious


Baboons are animals that are very similar to humans in many ways. To be specific, they are very similar to children in many ways. This video comes from BBC Earth, and it is sure to make your day with expressions that can rival hilarious baby videos on the internet.

BBC Earth decided to go into the Jungle and to put some cameras in there so that these animals could see their own reflections staring back at them. As expected, it is a shocking Discovery for them to see themselves for the first time. And as a result of it, the reactions are hilarious.

These baboons sure love themselves some selfies so much so in fact that most of them decided to stick around staring at the glorious reflections and being happy about it. Well, this experiment gives BBC a great opportunity to read their range of extremely Complex facial expressions, it gave the internet a lot of joy!