Two Girls Bring Their Dad To Tears With A Heart-Wrenching Gift on Christmas


Holidays are a special period of the year. During this time, we not only focus on the joy and love we feel towards our loved ones, but we also encounter some unpleasant memories. It’s inevitable that we lose someone and the holiday season reminds of the glaring hole that a beloved person left. Thus, holidays are a great chance to pay homage to those people. One father was about to be surprised…

What to gift him?

A Twitter user named Melia shared an incredible story recently, and it shook the world. She and her sister were thinking of getting their dad a brand new iPhone for Christmas. When they asked him if he was okay with it, he vehemently denied.

The reason for his sudden negative answer is not pointless. He swore he would never change his phone until he found a way to transfer the voicemail messages he received from his late mother.

The girls were initially sad and hated to see their dad emotional again. He just couldn’t get over here. So, instead of giving up, the Melia and her sister started thinking of another plan. For days, they consulted their friends, only to come up with the perfect idea. It involved a teddy bear and touched millions of hearts all over the world…

Couldn’t believe it

When their dad opened the present, he was perplexed by the sight of a teddy bear. The girls immediately told him to press the button and listen. On the video, it’s clear that this humble man was touched by the voice of his late mother. The girls were brilliant and found a way to transfer the voice messages from his Android phone to the teddy bear.

By doing so, their dad will always have his mom by his side, especially when he needs her the most. Less importantly, he could finally get a new phone after spending years with his current ones. Melia and her sister wanted to do a good deed and make their dad happy, but they could never imagine the stir their video caused.

Going viral

A unique display of kindness and love towards their father did much more than they thought. The video on Twitter was seen by 3 million people. Users posted their own reactions and personal experiences that matched what the dad went through. From all over the world, people reposted the video in an attempt to share exactly what Christmas is all about – remembrance and moving forward.

“I know how this feels! I refuse to clear my Facebook Messenger conversations because there are still some messages from my late grandfather”, ones user wrote. “Now I’m definitely going to look into the possible ways I can preserve our conversations and make them everlasting! Thank you, Melia, your dad must be proud and touched!”

It’s important to share experiences like this with the world, as it reminds everyone of the purpose of the holidays. There is no better thing than remembering your loved ones and paying them homage the right way.