Things Get ‘Too Real’ As A Fantasy Parade Dragon Catches Fire


One of the many things that you must check out if you are going to the Disney World is the parade. And one of the main attractions of their parades that they have over at the Disney theme parks, are the Dragons. At the 3 o’clock parade, they have a fire-breathing Dragon. It is amazing to look at, as it is very tall and fits in perfectly with the dancing and the performances.

But what if the fire-breathing Dragon became a little bit too real?

This is exactly what happened very recently at Disney World in Florida when the head of the Dragon caught fire. Everybody thought that it was just a part of the show as they cheered and clapped. But this was, indeed, rather dangerous. The security crews were able to get the situation under control just in time, and nobody got hurt, thankfully!

The fun thing was that the dragon’s head was a few feet off the ground, to say the least. When the Disney people came in with fire extinguishers, they could not put it out as the head was stuck in the top position. So they had to wait for the head to kind of burn down and come down. And as a result, the internet exploded because the video looks fantastic. Enjoy watching the real-life fire-breathing Dragon, as it burns in all its glory.