Thief vs Glitter Bomb


With the growth of technology, we have seen a sharp rise in companies resorting to new ways of reaching out to their consumers. This has led to the growth of e-commerce companies in the last couple of years.

However, we have also seen a rise in the number of fraud incidents taking place when it comes to the proper delivery of items. In this video, we see a guy explaining how he designed a glitter trap for a package thief who had stolen a package delivered to this man.

He summarizes an incident that took place with him, and how he decided to teach the thief a lesson. He goes on to explain how he researched for close to six months before coming up with a device which when moved from its location, throws glitter on the thief carrying it and sprats fart smell on the culprit. The device is equipped with cameras which records everything and uploads it to the cloud.

The man then carefully places the device after packing it well, out on his porch and waits for the thief. After the day was over, he tracks the package with the help of the GPS on it and finds the package at a distant location.

After this, the man goes on to show a few more such videos which he recorded over two weeks to teach a lesson to package thieves. This video is an interesting watch, indeed!