Taco Bell Employee Refuses To Serve English Speaking Customer


Recently an incident occurred in Florida which didn’t really make a lot of noise, like it should have. Nevertheless, it was a gross dismissal of how a person should be treated. An employee of Taco Bell, named Luisa, refused to serve an English speaking customer.

The incident occurred at a drive-through in Hialeah, she refused because the customer could not speak in Spanish.

Hialeah is located north of Miami International Airport and is predominantly colonized by Latinos. Luisa refused to take the order of the customer named Alexandria Montgomery and threatened to call the police on her if she refused to move. Luisa can be heard saying that nobody spoke English there and there was no one to take Montgomery’s order.

Later on, when things were escalated, Taco Bell stated that they had fired Luisa and were not in support of such behavior.