Secrets Air Attendants Know that You Probably Don’t


There are endless conspiracy theories out there regarding flying planes and the effects it has on your body, pets and what have you. A group of flight attendants and specialists were asked to give their take on these tropes, and they gave us some surprising answers to a few questions they were asked. Here are answers to some of the most burning questions passengers usually have to ask but are too afraid to.

Will your phone blow up the plane?

Don’t be too afraid if you accidentally leave your phone on during a flight. Despite what you may have read or heard, having your phone on won’t magically cause it to fall out of the sky. There are two primary reasons flight specialists give for not allowing passengers to use mobile phones on airplanes, however. First, cell phones don’t really cause serious interference with important flight equipment, but they do interfere with air traffic control, which can be pretty annoying dealing with.

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