Ryanair Flight Loses Cabin Pressure Mid-Air, Leaving 33 Hospitalized


Most of us don’t really think much before boarding a flight. But for the passengers of Ryanair flying from Dublin to Zadar, Croatia, the journey turned into a nightmare.

The plane had to do an emergency landing just 80 minutes into its journey, due to the loss in cabin pressure. The passengers experienced nausea, bleeding and several medical issues ranging from mild to major. 33 passengars fell ill during this incident. They were given medical attention as soon as they landed in Frankfurt Hahn airport.

Passengers were seen raising issues that they were stranded in the Hahn airport for over a period of 12 hours. And without any information whatsoever. Some of the passengers decided to end their journey. The rest continued on another Ryanair flight scheduled the next morning. It is a relief though that there were no fatalities.