Randy Proves Fearless, Fighting Off The Foe!


When a lovely stray dog found a home at a Mexican gas station, little did the owners realize what the dog would come to mean to them.

People normally find stray dogs a pain when all they really want is some food and water – and a bit of tender loving kindness. Uncaring people are the worst when it comes to this and will normally shoo a dog out of the way while carrying on with their busy lifestyles.

Now fast-forward this situation to Mexico, and you can multiply the above scenario time 20, or more. Homeless animals roaming around are a common sight, and many do not survive their precarious predicament.

There are no pound facilities like in the US, and so, unfortunately, it’s every dog for him or herself.

Care and compassion

However, things changed a lot for Randy, the stray that the gas owners gave a home to. They had noticed the dog for a while, and it was apparently homeless. One day, the owner decided that it was time to show some care and compassion to this lovely but bedraggled animal and found him a place in the warehouse to sleep, ensuring that there was always food and water.

This was naturally seventh heaven for Randy, whom people claimed to have seen wandering around the area for many years. Imagine that – just living on scraps that he could find, if he could find, and who knows where he would have found water.

It’s too awful to consider, yet this is the fate of so many animals everywhere, not only in Mexico.

In First World countries there are normally facilities that strays are put into, and humane associations will try and find them homes. If not, well, we all know what the result would be.

Checked out by the vet

But for Randy, things were looking up. A nice warm place to stay, with blankets even. He was taken to the vet and checked out and was given a clean bill of health, apart from a little something that needed some antibiotic cream.

Randy most probably couldn’t believe his luck after all these years of being tossed aside, like some garbage.

Not only that, he was given regular baths by the workers at the gas station who loved Randy, and soon adopted him as their mascot and friend.

Randy was so unused to this kind of attention and was obviously so grateful; he wags his tail at all the customers who driven to fill up with gas.

Would-be robbers took flight

One night, Randy was given the opportunity to repay some of that loving kindness. Some armed men approached one of the gas station workers. The men attempted to rob the worker and laid into him hitting and kicking him.

Randy was asleep at the time, but the ruckus that was going on in the forecourt soon awakened him, and he rushed out, barking and growling. The would-be robbers took flight and ran as fast as they could away from the gas station.

The crew applauded him soundly and gave him a special cap to wear in honor of his bravery. Randy had indeed proved himself worthy of their love!