Monster Energy Drink Cleans Better Than A Brake Cleaner


“Originally spilled monster on my toolbox months ago on accident and realized it actually cleaned it and made it shine when I wiped it off. So now that my toolbox was dirty again I decided to record this cleaning ability”

These words of a layman speak volumes of what advertising is forcing down our throats. In this video, the guy in question is sitting on a table that is dirty. He has a cloth in his hand and is willing to demonstrate something that can be a wake-up call for many people.

He cleans the dirty table with his brake cleaner. This is a standard one, which is supposed to have chemicals that are harsh and bond with oil and dirt, removing them. The brake cleaner has little effect. Then, he proceeds with a well-known energy drink. The table is clean and shiny in an instant!

Maybe it is time for us to re-think what we drink for an energy boost.