What Marvel Movies Really Look Like Without Special Effects

With more than 15 movies in a line-up of continuous storytelling, Marvel has won millions of hearts around the world. Superhero storytelling has not been done like this before.

This has been a revolution, to say the least. It’s obvious that now, every other studio is now following suit- from DC to warner brothers and more.

Monsters and magic- visually, these things have always caught our attention, and a formula has been successful when it comes to these genres, and all genres similar to these.

Do a good storytelling and maintain aesthetics that are relatable and realistic, and these films will be a hit.

But what goes behind making this realistic and epic, is quite funny, to say the least.

With our favorite heroes in leotards and our favorite characters holding heads of, well, our favorite characters, this compilation shows us what goes behind the camera to make magic possible.