Marie Kondo’s Tips for Making Home Magnificent!


Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series on decluttering your home is proving a sensation, even to those who were totally skeptical. Such a person was Stephen Colbert, and if you were watching his late-night show recently, you would have been delighted to see Marie there.

Stephen had a whole pile of towels and sheets of odd sizes that he said were impossible to fold into one-size-fits-all. No problem with Marie. In about five seconds it was all folded so neatly and with such innovation that even cynical Stephen was in awe!

This amazing little powerhouse has a smattering of English (she is Japanese) but you get the feeling she is well equipped to tackle any problem, and obviously language is not a barrier. Although she had a translator on Stephen’s show, she knew what was going on – you could tell by just looking at the expressions on her face!

Here are five ways that Marie can turn ‘lifeless’ into life-giving:

Sparking the joy

Marie’s war cry, even before her Netflix special, was ‘Does it spark joy?’. Viewers were told to take a hard look at everything that was cluttering up the home and make an honest judgment on whether the items were really needed or not.

This can be a tough one, especially with items that hold sentimental value, but at the end of the day if they made the house look ‘awkward’ instead of ‘amazing’, and had never been used in a while, out they had to go.

No visual noise needed

Marie’s lovely phrase ‘visual noise’ pertains to the fact that something can look much better if it fits perfectly with something else. In other words, it makes for harmony, and with this, it is not possible to have discourse. Take, for instance, special containers for hand wash – they can be shells, they can evoke the bliss of the seashore. So, what you have here is eliminating visual noise and producing visual harmony.

Stand up straight now

A great and innovative tip from Marie is neatly folding up clothing and then making it stand up as you put it away. This takes up far less space, and you can see at a glance what you are looking for, instead of rifling through layers of clothing, towels or sheets to find what you want, and leaving a mess in the process!

Cutting out the containers

Marie also has written a book and it she gives a step-by-step guide on how de-sensitizing the mind from its usual clutter, you transfer the new-look mind to your new-look home.

She tells you to carefully consider how many storage containers you will need, and what kind of storage containers for what items. She says that if work the other way around and just buy containers at a whim, you’ll be left with clutter again!

Give storage the heave-ho

Marie is not a fan of storage containers at all as she says we store items in them that never get used. She says that if items bring no joy, they don’t deserve to be in your home – or in storage! They just need to be gotten rid of!