Manager Compelled To Fire Entire Team Makes Sure Their Last Day Is Unforgettable


No matter the reason for it, getting fired from your job is a traumatic and stressful experience. Unfortunately, many employers can be downright dismissive, failing to understand just what a difficult thing it is to go through.

But not all bosses are like that. One manager showed the nicer side of humanity when he told his tale.

A Manager’s Story

One of the more unpleasant tasks of being a boss is having to give employees their marching orders. Being the home of exciting stories, Reddit is a place to get satisfying answers to your questions.

One person posted a question that got a great deal of interest: “What’s the best job-quitting story you can tell?” Well, the issue garnered a whole load of answers about people’s experiences of quitting and being fired, and they ranged from the sad to the hilarious.

But one response captured everyone’s attention: a manager he recounted his story of having to fire several employees at once.

Landing a great job

The manager in question was Reddit user ShortAdamLewis, who was delighted when he scored a job as a manager of government employees. He’d retired from a career in the military to look after his family, and he was thrilled to land what he viewed as a dream, stable job.

His job was to oversee a group of employees working on a U.S. government project. While the team worked well, their careers were suddenly ended.

What To Do?

Nobody wants to fire people, and ShortAdamLewis was no different: “I had to lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice.” What had happened was that during a weekly review of the team, the government told them they were terminating the project immediately.

So how was ShortAdamLewis going to lay off his team in as humane a way as possible?

Their Last Day

The next morning, he told his team that this would be their last day of employment. But instead of everyone just walking away, this manager wanted to make sure his team was going on to successful careers.

So, instead of complaining and moping, the team workshopped each other’s resumes and wrote letters of recommendation for each other. But this manager had more in store for his last day with them as a team, and it wasn’t all going to be about work.

Fun Finale

This amazing manager decided the team needed a bit of fun to end of their final day. So, he bought them pizza to eat while they were writing and assessing each other’s resumes.

The good news is that most of the team secured new jobs within just a week of getting let go. That’s not exactly the usual pattern, so ShortAdamLewis’s innovative way of preparing his team for the future seems to have paid off.

“Letting people go is never fun,” he said. “When we can, it never hurts to try and set someone up for success in the future.”