Man Jumps From Dragon’s Nest Wearing A Wingsuit


.All of us have wondered what it would be like if we could fly like birds. Man in his quest to find answers has reached a point where this is possible today. The daredevils of today have many things which can help a man achieve his dream of flying in the sky.

In recent days, apart from airplanes and rockets, man has invented the wingsuit which helps him soar up in the sky just like a bird.

In this video, we see a wingsuit pilot wearing his wingsuit and jumping off a cliff known as the Dragon’s Nest and soaring across the valley. There is a camera on his headgear which records his flight and in the process captures some beautiful scenery.

Halfway through the flight, the pilot deploys his parachute and slowly descends on the ground. The next footage in the video is of the man taking another flight. This time, the camera is fitted on his body. The final footage of the video shows the man being filmed while the camera persons cheering on the pilot.