Lemon powered Supercar- Have A Look At WORLD’S LARGEST Lemon Battery


We have all done some levels of science experiments in our backyards when we were kids. To understand the mysteries of science and to have fun, basically.

Mark Rober and William Osman create the most substantial lemon powered battery for Volkswagen’s supercar. The video starts with the duo creating a circuit, which draws its power from lemons.

Lots and lots of lemons.

As the video progresses, they are faced with the challenge of increasing their power output to match the car that they’ll be charging up. They follow it up with more complex techniques to charge the custom-made battery, which is made by the automobile giant, to bring it to full charge capacity.

These guys seem to have a lot of fun, as they bring in a bunch of kids to complete their challenge.

Do keep watching to find out the end result.