Kim Jong-Un’s New Strategy: Explained


North Korea appears to have suddenly changed its tune. But is this only part of its longstanding survival strategy? A part of a big plan? A piece on the chessboard?

Kim Jong-Un was, is and will be a hot topic for discussions worldwide for a long time. But it seems like this guy has cracked what the North Korean leader is up to. Formulating his theories into a believable thesis and equipping them with facts, this guy shows us how Kim Jong-Un might be a genius.

How everything that has happened so far, might be a part of a bigger plan. Among other things, the more interesting ones include fundamentals that make a lot of sense. For example, going from heavy missile testing to massaging peace treaties and building good relations within less than a six-month span.

The other includes the obvious-yet-unnoticed truth behind the politics of birthing a crisis and then solving it to become a hero.