Just Three Co-Workers Taking A Break From Work To Catch Some Waves


We all take breaks from our work to reboot ourselves.

As today’s work culture is getting tougher and more stressful by the day, we all feel the need to just relax for a while in the midst of all that cacophony, rush hours and deadlines. Most of us would probably step out for some fresh air, or a cup of coffee or some chit chat with our office groups.

These guys in this video have found a creative way to entertain themselves on a hectic day. This video is shot in Texas, where they were experiencing a rainy day. Three co-workers decided to have some fun. As one swiped away extra water that had seeped in, the others pretended to be at the beach and the water to be waves. It is always good to have some creativity to make things seem simpler and more enjoyable.