These Hilarious KIKI Challenge Fails Will Make Your Day


In the world of viral videos, we have seen a new challenge taking over the internet by storm. The #Inmyfeelings challenge has been taken up by almost everyone around the world, including celebrities. And there is no doubt that some of these videos are epic failures and hilarious. It all started with an Instagram post by theshiggyshow, a widely followed comedian, who posted a video of himself doing the dance moves on the song, which went viral this week.

This YouTube video starts off with a girl falling into the pool, followed by another clip where a girl trips and falls while getting out of the car. The video then features more funny clips including one where one guy misses his train while he was trying to do this challenge. Another woman stops the car in the middle of the road to complete this challenge.

While some are insanely hilarious, some of them are actually good.