What Would Happen If All Advertisements Disappeared?


In today’s age of the media hype, we have all come across advertisements at some point or the other. Be it on television, or radio, or over the internet, we are bombarded with ads across all these mediums and more. Most of the times, it is annoying to us, when suddenly an ad pops up from nowhere when we are watching a crucial game or our favorite television series. What we fail to realize is that; these ads are what is holding up our economy.

This is shocking to most of us, who don’t realize how this chain works. Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing their products to its consumers-us. This video shows us, what will happen if all the ads cease to exist.

Consumers will not know what products these multinational companies are manufacturing for them, and hence, nobody will buy these things, because nobody will know they exist. This will bring down the sales and companies will stop generating revenue and have a negative impact on the economy.

A very informative and simple video. Next time you see an ad, think how it is helping your economy grow.