Guy Records Waking Up To His Husky Every Day And It’s Hilarious


Imagine being woken up by your pet dog. Almost immediately brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Now image getting off of that warm, cozy bed of yours to take him out for a walk in the cold. Makes you want to go back to sleep again.

Dogs are wonderful friends. And it is always adorable when they ask for attention. But with that being said, sometimes, the furry little monsters can be kind of inconsiderate of what you require. Some decent sleep, for example.

This guy wakes up every day to see his Husky (Gohan) staring at him with a stone cold look which spells “take-me-outside.” He records and narrates his dog’s antics, which are super dramatic and hilarious to watch.

Dogs are just cute furry babies who can’t get enough pampering and would always want more from you. So keep loving them!