Guy Dips Ghost Chili Pepper In Carolina Reaper Paste And Tastes It; REGRETS IT IMMEDIATLEY


‘Bhut Jolokia,’ also known as Ghost Chili Pepper, is the world’s hottest chili. Eating it is deemed extremely dangerous, as it has varied effects on someone who ingests it. It is advised that one should wear protective gloves to even hold it. Carolina Reaper Paste is made with this same variety of pepper. It is also deemed as the hottest chili paste.

In this video, we see two guys, who have a brilliant idea of dipping a ghost pepper into the paste and then eating it. They immediately regret doing that. As soon as they pop the entire chili into their mouths, they start realizing how hot it is. One of them starts throwing up due to the extreme heat of the pepper. Both of them start screaming and drinking something else to ease off the heat in their mouths. This shows us that we shouldn’t be doing such kinds of acts just for fun