Guy Builds A Working Car Using Just LEGOS

One thing about legos is that they are equally loved by someone who is 35, and someone who is 5. This is a prime example of what innovation and creativity can do for you if you apply yourself. The internet is full of people using legos to build huge toys and showpieces, and this has become somewhat of a trend, especially over the last decade.

The man in this video is nothing short of extraordinary, though. This guy decided to take it up a notch. He decided to build not a 20-inch death star, but a real-life working car using the legos. Growing on and on from just one piece, he kept going- until he had something he could ride on. And that is precisely what he did- riding his lego car on a highway! We don’t know if he would need a license for this- however, he should get one for his creativity!