Find out what’s said by ex Mayor Giuliani on 11th September anniversary


mayor giuliani on 11th sept

The 9/11 event has had more than a world impact on everyone even not associated with it. Speaking on its anniversary, the ex-Mayor Giuliani on 11th September anniversay has said that it is still like a mixed bag to know whether the Americans are safe today or not. He also defended the GOP presidential candidate’s fresh assertion saying that the US should have taken Iraqi oil out of terrorist’s hands.

He also said that while they were safe in some ways 15 years later but there are also many other ways in which they are not safe since they are always fighting the last war, Or the attacks in airplanes.

Since no one can say anything about that, the same is the case here. He also said that going after a single organization like the Al-Qaeda was different that what has happened today. Today it is about the Islamic nation and not just the ISIS because it’s Syria and Iraq with tentacles all over the world with 28 other countries. This was never the capacity of what Al-Qaeda could do so it is more than that.

There has been too much defense and sitting back waiting for defense is like an offence. The silly Trump fan also said that Wednesday’s “Commander Chief”’ should not have been formed with the ISIS to form along if USA takes oil form their country Iraq while analysts say that it would violate the international law. The ex Mayor thinks that since it is a war so anything is legal when it comes to this aspect.

While mayor Giuliani on 11th September anniversary believes that he is just fighting for his country and what shall happen later because of his support for Trump shall be taken later. He also said that people shouldn’t need to worry about his legacy at all as well.