Family Approaches Cheetahs And Gets Ambushed


This video is an excellent example of the fact that human stupidity knows no limits. A French family was visiting a zoo, and they came across some cheetahs. What this family did not know who was that they are not supposed to approach the animals up close in this Dutch zoo.

But nonetheless, they decided to go near them, taking pictures and observing the Cheetahs from just a few feet away. The results were not exactly ‘ideal,’ as the Cheetahs got agitated, and ambushed the family.

This video shows shocking footage of the mother trying to fend off the Cheetah while holding her baby in her arms. The lesson that we learn from the story is: don’t approach wild animals- whether in a Zoo or out there in a jungle. And don’t do it when you have your toddler baby in your arms. Luckily enough, nobody got hurt. It does make for an interesting watch though.