Elon Musk Smokes Weed on Joe Rogan’s Podcast And The World Goes CRAZY!


Elon Musk was on a podcast recently, giving one of those interviews that always get people excited about his thoughts. Revolutionizing teh transport domain with his underground tunnel projects followd by Tesla cars recently, this is a man who has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life. He ha salways in highlights- for one thing or the other. But this time, it is not related to science.

While talking to Joe, he was offered a hit of a blunt and he accepted it. He asked if it was legal, and took a hit of it. It was followed by Joe asking him how often he smokes.

Alomost never. I find that it’s not good for productivity,” Elon said.

But looks like he made the tabloids for taking the hit. The next day, Tesla shares dropped. Now, he is getting a lot of heat from the world for taking the hit of Marijuana mixed with tobacco.

He recently said that last year has been the most difficult and painful one for his carreer. And that is being considered as a reason for him probably losing his stability. Well, if you ask us, he did take one hit and say that he never smokes and it’s bad for productivity. But maybe you can have a look for yourself and decide if Elon is a criminal and a bad influence for doing that.

Check out the full podcast down below.