Ellen’s Show Gets Interrupted by a Phone Call That Brought the Entire World to Tears


The Ellen show is one of the most watched shows in the world. One reason is her uncanny and unique humor. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Well, humor is what attracts people to Ellen. However, the thing that really keeps everyone watching is Ellen’s humble and kind approach to her fans. And this time, Ellen outdid herself like never before. It was a moment to behold.

An unexpected call

When Ellen was done with one segment, everyone expected the usual introduction of her next guest. In the middle of a sentence, something sounded off. It was a phone. Nobody even knew Ellen had a phone in her studio.

When she picked up, the whole audience could hear that it was her receptionist. She had found a particularly interesting email from a fan and wanted Ellen to hear it. Why? Well, apparently, these people were in the audience that day.

The email was from a fan who was a breast cancer survivor, and she wanted to thank Ellen for making her laugh when she was getting chemo. During her visits to the clinic, she would watch reruns of The Ellen Show and laugh, almost forgetting all the pain she was going through.

Not only did she find a new lump a few months ago, but her mother was also a cancer survivor. They thanked her. When Ellen was done listening to the message, she called Becky and Kim down to the stage.

Telling their story

When Kim and Becky sat down with Ellen, they were overwhelmed by emotion. Ellen asked them to tell their story, and they started recollecting about their fight against cancer. Kim, despite being so young, survived a battle with breast cancer.

Her diagnose happened in August 2014, but the news was even more devastating because her mother was diagnosed in February that same year.

However, the whole experience didn’t break them. It created an even stronger bond between the other and her daughter. They spent hours laughing in front of the TV at the clinic, watching Ellen and her inspirational episodes.

You could see that Ellen was touched when she was listening to their story. “Then every clinic in the world should telecast my show. I think it should become mandatory!”, said Ellen jokingly.  Afterward, she wanted to surprise Kim and her mom.

Rewarding the brave souls

Ellen was inspired by the girls’ story, and she wanted to reward them for being so brave. To surprise Kim, she first gave her a wedding dress because Kim was about to marry her boyfriend of 10 years.

After that, she gave her an Ellen garter, as well as flowers brought by Ellen’s topless gardener.

Everyone had a good laugh after those few emotional minutes. For the final gift, Ellen presented $10 thousand to finance the wedding! This goes to show you that inspiration lurks everywhere. We just have to find it and be brave ourselves.