Donald Glover Doesn’t Want To Explain “This is America” Music Video


Donald Glover, or as we all know him- Childish Gambino, has rocked the world with his ‘This is America’ music video. Every day, new theories and descriptive pieces by fans are popping up all over the internet, explaining the hidden meanings in the music video. Donald however, remains silent.

An artist by profession, Donald respects the opinion of different people in his video.

However, as the beauty of many art forms is, a big amount of communication lies in the open to interpretation’ nature of this particular music video.

Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge talk to Chris Van Vliet from WSVN-TV about the video. Keeping the mystrey intact, he says it is not his place to explain what is happening in the video. Well, we agree!. Do you?