This Dog Was Going to be Put Down, Until a Navy Vet, 93, Came to His Rescue


For veterans, with almost nothing else to do and hardly any family to hang around, there is no closer bond than that they have with their dogs. A 93-year-old Navy veteran was busy minding his own business in South California when word caught him of a sweet old German Shepherd about to be put down in Arizona. He made sure he could find a way, just to make sure the sweet dog had a new home to spend the rest of his days.

Losing his home

The 13-year-old German Shepherd had lived with a single family from the time he was a young pup. As often happens with dogs his age, the family felt they couldn’t take care of him the same way. Once his owner was deployed to the Navy, there was little other choice than to put him up for adoption in an Arizona shelter.

Life at shelters isn’t so easy for older dogs – they are usually overlooked, with younger puppies or kittens being chosen instead. Older dogs like Sam are given three months: if nobody adopts them, they have to be put down. As the days went by, that was looking more and more like the probable outcome.

To the Rescue

George Johnson, a retired vet, so happened to be a great lover of German Shepherds. Being a unique color like white – rather than brown – added icing to the cake. He states that his beautiful white pooch was the best emotional outlet for him when he had to deal with the aftermaths of serving in WWII: death, heartbreak and an empty home.

Nothing lasts forever, though, and his dog died a few years ago. He was specifically in search of a white German Shepherd, so he reached out to the German Shepherd Rescue Center in Orange County. They didn’t have such a dog in their care, but told him about a dog called Sam all the way in Arizona. Despite being more than two states away, he had to have that dog.

A furry bundle of love

It doesn’t often happen, but a volunteer from the Rescue center offered to pick up Sam and transport him to Johnson, all for free. When they met, it was love at first sight.

All it took was one sniff of the old vet and the dog was instantly in love – Johnson didn’t even have to see him. He had already made up his mind. The two love working in the yard together, and nothing excites Sam more than a car ride, no matter how short.

After hearing about the incredible deeds of the Rescue Center in Orange County, the Petco Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding animals loving homes, rewarded them with $25,000. The only thing we can now hope for is the two old dogs have a great time and spend the rest of their golden days in each other’s loving company.