How A Day In The Life Of A Minimalist Looks Like


Most of us are busy chasing things which we don’t even need in our lives. We are worried about things that really should not matter, we get distracted by the social media which creates insecurities in our lives beyond our comprehension. This video shows a day in the life of a minimalist.

The narrator of the video, Matt shows us how it is to spend a day in his life is. He takes us the through his day starting from 6 am in the morning till it’s time to go back to bed. His life is quite simple and he doesn’t waste much time contemplating what to do or not. He simply wakes up in the morning, makes his morning coffee, and does a little bit of editing on his desktop. Then after he has his breakfast, he spends some more time editing projects.

Finally, after a few hours, he hits the gym, after he comes back he works till his girlfriend come back home from work. It’s a very simple hassle-free lifestyle that he has.