Dad’s Hilarious Reaction To Toddler Daughter’s Boyfriend Announcement Captures The Internet


The moment Daddy’s been dreading: your daughter announces she’s got a boyfriend. Her first one. How does Daddy respond? Well, Dads are known to be pretty protective of their daughters, so a little bit of an over-reaction is quite common.

But it might be time to bring out the shotgun when your daughter’s only a toddler and claims she has a real boyfriend. The viral clip of this Dad’s response to his little girl has delighted the Internet, drawing a whopping 280,000 views on Facebook in just the first month.

The toddler princess

If the truth be told, most Dads would keep their daughters at home until middle age if they could. After all, anything to happen to their little princesses when the big, bad boys are around.

And Dads should know because they were once those big, bad boys themselves. It’s pretty normal for little kids to develop crushes before they’re old enough to date. It’s all part of growing up.

But this particular little princess was absolutely insistent upon the fact that she definitely, absolutely had a real boyfriend, not a crush. And she told her Dad so in no uncertain terms. This Dad had some pretty hilarious responses to his little darling’s announcement.

Starting early

If you’re a family who eats dinner around the table, you’ll know that it’s a great place for conversation and updating the family on what’s happening in your life. It’s also often the place where some pretty important announcements are made … like you’ve got a boyfriend for the family’s daughter.

But when your child is barely more than a toddler, this sort of announcement can come as a massive surprise, to say the least. When this little one announced that she had a real boyfriend, her parents were stunned. After all, she was much too young to start dating.

Amidst a chorus of laughter from her siblings, this little girl bravely made her announcement: “I got a boyfriend!” Her Dad, who’s obviously quick off the mark, immediately said, “Oh no, you do not!” And now it gets cute. The pair argue back and forth, but the little girl is still determined that she does, indeed, have a legit boyfriend of her very own.

Daddy changes tack

Knowing that this back and forth could go on for ever, her Dad cleverly changed tack when he said what every daughter dreads hearing: “That boyfriend better be talking to…your daddy!” No daughter (or son, for that matter) relishes the idea of introducing their sweethearts to their parents. All that judgment, those lectures, the stern looks.

This little miss, even at her tender age, is no different. When her Dad made the announcement, she got quite uptight and insisted that “no, no, no” she was not introducing her boyfriend to her Dad.


And the argument didn’t end there. As the reason for why she won’t introduce her ‘boyfriend’ to her father, she proudly states: “he’s MY boyfriend!” and smiles a thousand-Watt grin of triumph. Daughter 1 : Dad 0.

Dad Does Not Approve of Toddler's Boyfriend

It's already begun! 💕

Posted by Poke My Heart on Monday, January 14, 2019