Couple Loses 400 Pounds Together In An Inspirational Weight Loss Journey


Every now and than, we come across an inspirational story which motivates us to do better, be better versions of ourselves. This video was posted by Good Morning America on its YouTube channel. This show brings in expert advice on everyday living, breaking news and breaking news to its viewers.

In this video, we see Lexi and Danny, a beautiful couple. But beauty didn’t come overnight with this couple. Together, they shed 400 pounds on a weight loss journey. Both of them supported each other and motivated each other to lose weight. It started with a New Year’s resolution.

Danny who was 280 pounds and Lexi was 485 pounds when they started their amazing journey of living healthy and better.

The couple went to the gym together, prepared meals together, and they documented their entire journey on Lexi’s Instagram account fatgirlfedup. It is interesting to see this couple’s beautiful journey from fat to fit.