During Christmas, a Loving Dad Did the Unimaginable for His Flight Attendant Daughter


Holidays are meant for spending time with your family. However, we are often quick to forget about people that work during these days. Flight attendants specifically are on duty on Christmas too, to ensure that air traffic goes smooth. One flight attendant was sad to spend this day away from her dad, but he had a surprise in store.

Unfortunate schedule

Pierce Vaughan hoped she wouldn’t be scheduled to work on Christmas. When she found out about her six flights that day, she was sad because she promised her dad to spend the holidays together. After calling him, she was ready to go through the hectic Christmas and take some days off. However, she couldn’t believe what was in store for her.

Before the first flight, Pierce saw her dad, Val, at the gate on one of the airports. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Val didn’t want Pierce’s hectic job schedule from them spending some time together.

As a surprise, he planned something amazing. Using his daughter’s staff discount, he bought tickets to all 6 flights where Pierce was working that day. It was a Christmas miracle!

A great plan

Pierce couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but her dad’s plan was very clever. Every flight attendant has a discount on all tickets from that airline, so Val bought six tickets at a great price. He didn’t even care where he was sitting, as long as he was close to his daughter. Thanks to his persistence, he even found one ticket for first class.

Gate agents were ready to help him out and were touched by his unique present. The most beautiful thing for them was the fact that Val planned everything as a total surprise. Both father and daughter wanted to keep the whole experience private, but one passenger couldn’t resist the urge to send out some holiday spirit to his friends on Facebook.

A motivation to everyone

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the will to be kind. Mike Levy had this in mind, so he wanted to show people why you should always go the extra mile.

During one flight to Detroit, he sat next to Val Vaughan and heard his story. Immediately, he asked him for permission to share it and took pictures. Soon after posting this touching story, Mike’s social media blew up from all the positive comments.

Millions of people were touched by this display of fatherly love, so they reposted the photo on numerous pages and accounts. Everyone agreed on the fact that Val Vaughan fully deserves the Father of the Year title. Nobody could dispute this, not even Delta Air Lines. They reposted the photo and thanked all their employees for working during the holidays, reminding everyone of the sacrifices they made.

During the holiday season, it’s important to share amazing stories like this. If an old dad can do this to spend time with his daughter, everyone can do a good deed.