Who Can Accurately Hit Pause At The 1-Hour Mark?


A video by Hamish and Andy, the Australian comedy duo, showcases a little competition on their radio show of the same name, where three people are locked up and have to pause exactly at 1-hour mark to win the competition.

In this video, we can see three candidates, Joe, Jane, and Matt, are locked up in storage lockers with a timer in front of them.

While locked up inside, we see Joe tapping his hands trying to pass the time as calm as possible. The next locker shows us Jane, who is seen singing a song to pass time in isolation. Lastly, we see Matt, has adopted a rather interesting tactic, he is seen to be using his chair as some kind of a sun-dial, to keep a track of the passing time.

Joe paused at 53:34 seconds, while Matt paused at 01:04:56 seconds and the winner Jane had paused at 01:00:09 seconds, taking home 10,000 dollars.