Baby Plus Corgi Puppies Equals Cuteness Overloaded


The simplest of joys can be found in the smallest adorable incidents we come across.  When we think of babies it brings a smile almost instantly to our faces. The same is with when we think of cute and fluffy puppies. Let’s hope you enjoy the video.

In this video, we can see a baby (Decker), with a bunch of Corgi puppies, out in a field. The baby is adorable and is amazed by his surroundings. The large field and the cute corgi puppies seem to be of great entertainment to the baby. The corgi puppies are seen flocking over to Decker while he makes the sweetest squealing sounds.

Midway through the video, one of the dogs can be seen knocking little Decker off balance. But the baby firmly gets back on his feet and dusts himself off.

A little later Decker gets knocked down by another puppy, and this time he can be seen just playing a little while in the dirt instead of getting up on his feet instantly. The video then ends with a shot of the puppies wandering around in the field.