83 Year Old Hero Fights Off Robbers At A Bookmakers


A brave 83-year-old great grandpa recently fought off armed robbers in bookmakers, winning people’s hearts all across the world.

The heroic man named, Dennis O’Connor fought off a few robbers who were carrying hammers and were hooded. They entered the betting shop in Glanmire, to rob it.

In this video we see, O’Connor fighting off the robbers. At first, they enter the shop and start wielding their hammers around trying to scare off the people inside. As the robbers threaten the shop owner, O’Connor sneaks in behind them and wrestles one of them taking them by surprise. Eventually chasing them out of the door. He even kicks one of the robbers in the back, on his way out. It is true that bravery doesn’t have to do with age.