40 Photographs Taken Moments Before The Unbelievable Happened

In the past, few people walked around with cameras, and even fewer were lucky enough to catch moments in time that are almost unbelievable. But we’ve come a long way since then. With the advent of smartphones, millions of us are now armed with devices that we can click, click, click to our heart’s content. And sometimes we manage to capture the exact moment before disaster strikes, or we memorialize something strangely bizarre. These 40 photographs will send chills down your spine. Read on …

Going overboard

This crazy photograph was taken by someone on a rescue boat behind the cargo ship. Thislooks as though those containers are just about to fall into the roiling ocean, the ship actually only lost four of them during its stormy adventure. It looks like the Rena, who hails from Monrovia, is a sturdy lass as there seems to be a ledge of rocks on her port side. Luckily, no-one was hurt, and Rena lives to sail another day.