This $40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym Comparison Video Is A Must Watch For Everyone Who Works Out!


Talk about price wars.

Have you ever thought of why you are paying a large part of your income for a gym membership you don’t even use? This video showcases three gyms priced at different price points and what it is like to workout at these places.

The host Steven brings along a companion along with him for the exciting ride. First stop is AC4, which is a neighborhood gym and interestingly focuses a lot on green initiatives. Starting from use of eco-friendly materials in their infrastructure to an advanced technology which produces energy when members use specific equipment.

The next stop is at Los Angeles Athletic Club, which is a 125,000 sq. Ft. Facility that caters to athletes in their Olympics training. The club has a wide array of offerings from swimming, basketball, squash, racketball and much more for their pristine members. To add to their luxurious experience, the club offers spa, sauna, lounges, etc. In all, a truly divine experience.

Lastly, Steven takes us to La Palestra, New York, which brings together the two worlds of medicine and fitness. Their claim to fame is their program-centric model where they take valuable data focused at the ortho, behavioral, and nutritional. The next step involves in analyzing the data and designing a specific program for their members to help them achieve what they desire.

Next time you hit the gym, try to find out how many of these facilities are being offered to you.