Killer Whale Slaps Stingray With Its Tail


The animal kingdom is brutal. We humans cannot imagine what it is like to survive out in the wild with predators rounding freely and always on the hunt.

This video gives us a glimpse of what it is to survive in the ocean.

The video starts with a visual of a stingray swimming in the ocean. This lone stingray is unaware of the dangers that are looming just underneath it. After a few seconds, we see the killer whales approaching the stingray. As they pass by the animal, one of the gives a strong swish of its tail to hit the stingray so hard that it is almost airborne for a second. The video progresses to show the stingray being chased and encircled by the killer whales.

The fate of the stingray is unknown in the video but we can hope it survived the killer whales.