The 10-Year-Old Who Became The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. See How She Looks Now


Many 4-year-old’s right now are either running around, playing or sleeping but that wasn’t the case with Thylane Blondeau at the age of 4. At that age, Thylane Blondeau was already testing the waters of the modeling world, and at age 10 she was labeled the most beautiful girl in the world by people in the modeling business.

Not only that, but she also got to work with big industry names like Vogue Paris when she was 10. However, her worldwide fame at such a tender age raised concerns about her being put under abnormal pressure. The pressure she had to face wasn’t the only thing that made people concerned about her.

The other concern was that some of her gigs needed her to look like an adult and that meant she could end up being viewed as a sex symbol far too early. While some people may argue that Thylane Blondeau lost out on a childhood, it’s important to note that her mother was a television and radio personality whilst her father played professional football, so she was used to being in the public eye.

Where is she now?

Despite the controversial photo shoot she had to do 8 years ago, Thylane Blondeau is still a model. She now works for companies like IMG and WWE, and she’s also been offered a chance to become an actress. Is she still the most beautiful girl in the world? Her 2.4 million Instagram followers would all agree that she’s become more beautiful with age.

Thylane Blondeau has also decided on starting a fashion label of her own. She named it Heaven May and brought it to everyone’s attention by posting a picture on Instagram of her and a friend working on a computer surrounded by pattern samples and sketches they had come up with.

Has fame spoilt her?

Many child stars usually have problems because of being famous at an early age. Thylane Blondeau however, seems to have handled herself like a champ in that regard as there haven’t been a lot of scandals involving her. This shows how important it is for us to steer clear from prejudice because sometimes people can surprise us.


A lot of people who were concerned about Thylane Blondeau’s early career shoots were concerned because they cared about her. However, there were a few people who had their own stereotypes about what a “typical childhood” should be like.

These people were shocked at that Thylane Blondeau wasn’t playing by their rules, and they wanted to force their own standards onto her.

Can a flower bloom in a dark room?

Thylane Blondeau has managed to beat all odds that were stacked against her. She managed to stay in the modeling industry despite a very negative reception. She managed to prove false stereotypes about child stars being reckless and eventually losing their careers and fame later on in their lives.

Another interesting fact about Thylane Blondeau is that she’s won The Most Beautiful Girl In The World title again in 2018 and she was very humble about it, thanking her fans and TC Candlers for nominating her.