10 Snacks That Are EXTREMELY Rare!


Matthias and his friends host this show. They review the craziest items and products available in the market and give us some hilarious feedback on whether these products are ‘dope or nope.’

In this video, they are checking out a list of 10 food items that are extremely rare to find.

The first one on the list is Dorito’s 3D queso Mexican chips. This product brings back some memories for the guys, as they get their hands on some of the chips and enjoy some bites. Next on the list is a product called giant candy mallow bonkers banana, which is a banana flavored marshmallow.

The list follows and includes items like Dunkaroos Cookies, which turns it to be expired. Then comes a candy named Lifesaver, Elvis collector edition wrappers Resee’s Peanut Butter and Banana creme cups, Chupa Chups Melody pops, Kelloggs Super Mario Odessy cereal, the Bell Beefer and many more.

It is interesting to see all these rare kinds of products. Keep watching and enjoy!